Introducing Your CSA/Weekly Farm Box

- Locally grown produce harvested at its peak and selected for you each week.

- Convenient access to the best food grown locally for you.

- Affordable pricing with you in mind.

- Staple foods grown by farmers you can trust!

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  • 1️⃣ - Pay Up Front

    You purchase the CSA/Weekly Farm Box ahead of time.

  • 2️⃣ - Farmer Grows

    The Farmer uses your money to buy seeds and pay for labor.

  • 3️⃣ - Get Veggies

    Each week you will receive a box of nutritious, local vegetables.

  • 4️⃣ - Make Friends

    You get a literal share of the farm and have an opportunity to interact with your local farmers each week.

Why Should You Sign Up?

We grow fresh food that is very high in nutrition that you might already buy. Your body responds when you consume highly nutritious food, so you'll just feel better! Our farmers pay close attention to the soil we grow in. We use compost and natural additives to produce high-quality crops. You can be SURE you are getting real food!


Synthetic Chemicals | Herbicides | Pesticides | Fungicides | Bio-Fumigants |Treated Seed

Our food is safe! You can see where it's grown and how it's grown! You can talk to the exact people who grow it! Our prices are affordable, and we work hard to make it easy to buy from us!

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Here's How the Sign Up Process Works...

1. Enroll using the link below and choose your pick-up location.

2. Pick any add-on items we may have - like eggs or bread.

3. Enjoy amazing produce!

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